New Accounts Setup Form

Use this form to submit your business information to establish a new account with Virgin Couriers hotshot package delivery services in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area. Please thoroughly complete this form and fax it to us so that we can establish your account quickly. The sooner you have an account, the sooner your business can start taking advantage of Virgin Couriers' services.

Print out a copy of this form and fax your completed copy to 214-703-9883 or email it to


New Account Information

Please select the services your business will use most of the time. Select all that apply. Use the text box to tell us about specific requirements or conditions which must be considered when delivering packages to your recipients.

Business Name: Contact Name:
Address 1: Address 2:
City: State: .....Zip Code:
Telephone: Mobile:
Toll Free: Fax:
Tax ID : E-mail:


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